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Achieving Excellence Together

Student Support Specialists are one part of a team that provides collaboration between teachers, students, and parents.

The Student Support Specialist works closely with students to clarify standards/expectations of the classroom, as well as with their parents, to optimize academic success in and out of the school environment. Our role is to provide teachers support in understanding learning differences, limitations, and/or learning styles and recommend adaptations and accommodations to help each student access, understand, and learn the academic content presented. Our role is also to work with the parents to provide them with methods to help their students become independent learners through a gradual release of responsibility.

Instructional Objectives

■ Set clear goals and objectives for each student, identifying areas of greatest need and establishing methods for addressing those needs in class, during intervention, and/or at home.
■ Teachers, students, and parents will be informed regarding the student's area(s) of need and will be actively involved in the intervention process.
■ Students will develop independence in academic skills through comprehension, critical thinking, and/or organizational strategies that promote self-monitoring and self-correction.
■ Students will voluntarily utilize intervention strategies and tools that assist them in their academic coursework.
■ Students will utilize skills and strategies taught in student support intervention on their classwork, homework, and assessments.

Specialized Areas of Service

■ Executive Skills-planning, prioritizing, organization, emotional control, task initiation, time management
■ Reading Comprehension-working memory, WH?s, critical thinking, drawing conclusions, main idea
■ Attention/Focus-sustained attention, cues/prompts
■ Fine Motor-grasp, in hand manipulation scissor skills, pencil management
■ Visual Motor/Perceptual Activities-hand-eye coordination, block design
■ Classroom Compliance-following directions classroom procedures, speaking out, staying seated, classroom preparedness
■ Social Skills-play skills, peer/adult interaction, student advocacy
■ Behavioral Modification-implementation of specific behavioral plans
■ Test/Assignment Prep-homework completion, study guide reviews, long-term project planning
■ Parent/Teacher Consultation-face to face, email, classroom

Documented Data and Observation

Students in the Student Support Program receiving direct intervention will consistently be re-evaluated to determine if services are still necessary. Re-evaluation is determined by progress monitoring and data collection used during each intervention session,  teacher input, and student grades. Every grading period, a progress note will be sent home that summarizes student growth for the semester based on their intervention goals.

Referral Procedure and Processes

Teachers and parents with concerns regarding students' academic performance in grades K4-8 may refer students to the Student Support Team regarding their need for services in the Student Support Program. A meeting will be held with parents to review recommendations and procedures for student support services.