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"Skycrest Christian School strives to provide each student with a firm academic foundation and a vibrant spiritual life."


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Why Choose Skycrest Christian School?

The choices for private education in the Tampa Bay area are numerous. At Skycrest, we purposefully blend a family campus feel with superior academics, sports, fine arts, and a solid biblical worldview.

Skycrest stands apart as a result of our:

■ Academic excellence across the curriculum in preparation for high school.
■ A safe environment that offers an affordable Christian education in an accessible location.
■ Highly qualified teachers who care about their students.
Different levels of math are offered for grades 4-8 so that all students succeed.
■ Intentional about developing children's character.
■ Ethnically diverse student population.
■ Weekly chapel services.
■ Outstanding interscholastic athletics program, which has won several conference championships.
■ Exceptional fine arts program, including band, chorus, drama, and visual arts.
■ Investment of over $180,000 in SMART® technologies to enhance the classroom environment.
■ 1:1 iPad program creating a 21st-century learning environment.
Dual accreditation by Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International.

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2021 ACSI Survey Results
91% of constituents said: Students believe they are a part of God’s bigger plan and can be used by him to “make a difference.”
97% said: Teaching involves helping students develop spiritually and emotionally (teaching the heart and soul, as well as the mind).
81% said: Families feel they are part of the school’s mission, and their child’s spiritual development requires their partnering with and being involved at the school.
95% said: Leaders, teachers, and support staff feel a sense of shared ownership for school's mission, success, and improvement.
91% said: Alumni report that their Christian faith is stronger thanks to attending a Christian school, and they believe people can change with God’s help.
80% said: Teachers were kind, students felt included in class, and students were protected from bullying.
86% said: Teachers show Christlike love, kindness, and care to students. Families feel students are cared about individually, including their spiritual development.
88% said: The school engages with the surrounding community and local churches, and regularly taps into community resources including networking and resource-sharing with other schools.
84% said: Teachers “get to know” families, and frequent and systemic communication facilitates positive relationships.
88% said: Staff points out talent in each student, helps students see how they fit in God’s bigger plan and is aware of students’ struggles at school or home.
81% said: Students not only enjoy helping others but also are known by others (e.g., peers) for showing love and care.
93% said: Principals are trusted, teachers feel that leaders “have our backs,” and leaders empower teachers and staff to make decisions.
88% said: The classroom is orderly and well-managed, and teachers are organized and consistent in supporting student behaviors that contribute to learning.
90% said: Keeping up with best practices is prioritized, and resources for doing so can be identified.
88% said: Students engage in activities that nurture critical thinking, evaluating information, and problem-solving. (engaged learning)
85% said: Students are helped to figure out how they learn best and to identify their natural strengths.