Three Levels of Math - Advanced, Honors, and Traditional

Our APEX Math program features three levels of math for grades 3-8 in order to accommodate our advanced, honors, and traditional students. 

All 3rd-8th graders are placed in a level which gives them maximum opportunity for success!

How are students placed?
Students are placed based on their stanine scores on a nationally recognized test.




Stanines of 8-9

Stanines of 4-7

Stanines of 4 or below


What are students taught?
Students are taught on the following grade levels.


Average class size is 12


Average class size is 13


Average class size is 9

3rd grade: 3rd & 4th grade level

4th grade: 4th & 5th grade level

5th grade: 6th grade level

6th grade: Pre-algebra

7th grade: Algebra 1

8th grade: Geometry

3rd grade: 3rd grade level*

4th grade: 4th grade level*

5th grade: 5th grade level*

6th grade: 6th & 7th grade level*

7th grade: Pre-algebra

8th grade: Algebra 1

* More in-depth topics covered.

3rd grade: 3rd grade level

4th grade: 4th grade level

5th grade: 5th grade level

6th grade: 6th grade level

7th grade: 7th grade level

8th grade: Pre-algebra