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Keys to Success

The Literacy Success program at Skycrest is an educational resource designed to provide direct instructional reading support to students, teachers, and parents.

Students are served based upon teacher recommendation and evaluation by the Reading Specialist for instruction in phonics, reading comprehension, and reading strategies. The Literacy Success program does NOT diagnose students with behavioral or learning disabilities. Students who exhibit these types of behaviors are referred to resources outside of Skycrest Christian School.

Instructional Objectives

■ The Literacy Success teacher will set clear goals and objectives for each student, identifying areas of need and establishing a method for addressing those needs in class, during Literacy Success lessons, and/or at home.
■ Teachers, students, and parents will be informed regarding the student’s area(s) of need and will be actively involved in the intervention process.
■ Students will develop independence in reading through the use of reading and comprehension strategies that promote self-monitoring and self-correction.
■ Students will voluntarily utilize reading tools that assist them in reading and writing independently.
■ Students will read actively, being conscious of their thoughts about the text before, during, and after reading.
■ Students will utilize skills and strategies taught in Literacy Success lessons in their classwork and homework.
■ Students will maintain or increase their interest in recreational reading by developing skills in selecting books that match their interest and ability.