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We believe that qualified students who desire an education at Skycrest Christian School should not be turned away because they cannot pay full tuition. Therefore, we have established a Financial Assistance Program to help families in need. Financial assistance is awarded strictly on the basis of need in a completely confidential process. Skycrest does not award any athletic or academic merit scholarships.

While the availability of school resources, the number of qualified applicants, and overall budgetary constraints influence financial assistance decisions, Skycrest  is committed to making grants available to as many eligible applicants as possible. In an effort to make the process fair to all, Skycrest considers the following when making award decisions:

  • The primary responsibility for financing a student’s education rests with the family.
  • In the case of divorce or separation, Skycrest requires both parents to file an application for financial assistance. Skycrest Christian School is not bound by any divorce agreement specifying a parent’s responsibility for educational expenses.
  • Skycrest believes a family should invest in their child’s education before elective expenses, for example, secondary home ownership, club memberships, participation in club/AAU sports, and expensive car leases/purchases.

When determining a family's eligibility for financial aid, Skycrest considers a need analysis provided by the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST). This assessment takes into account a family's income, savings, assets and liabilities, as well as any special circumstances. Much of the information requested is found on a family's 1040 Internal Revenue Service form.

Applying for financial aid at Skycrest does not hurt your chances for acceptance. We make our admission decisions prior to evaluating a family's financial need. Skycrest is committed to enrolling the most dynamic student body possible, regardless of a family's ability to pay the full tuition. 

All inquiries and applications for financial aid are held in the strictest confidence. Any family interested in applying for financial aid or having questions is encouraged to contact Jeannie Fuller at (727) 797-1186.

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