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STEM at Skycrest Rocks! Here at Skycrest Christian School we incorporate STEM into every grade level. Starting in Kindergarten, our students use Ozobots to create a “line” of code that the Ozobots will follow, We then graduate to simple drag and drop coding using interactive games. First grade codes using the website to learn coding and programming. Once they have mastered drag and drop coding, they use the same technique to code the Ozobots!

Second and third grade also uses to master drag and drop coding! Once they have moved through the lessons, they will code Parrot Cargo Mini Drones!

Fourth grade uses to program as well. They will use their knowledge of coding and program to create imaginative stories/movies/music videos on Scratch! They will learn how to create an object using our 3d printers!

In fifth grade it is all about circuit boards! We use the Arduino kit to challenge our students as they build circuit board to complete various electricity challenges.

Middle schoolers have the amazing opportunity to code using VEX IQ Robots. First we start in the virtual world using RobotC coding and programming and then we are off to build a physical robot! Once the robot is built they will again use RobotC to complete various challenges using the official VEX competition table.

Eighth grade is all about variety! We use Ozobots and drones to complete complex coding and programming challenges. Eighth graders will also be challenged to create an object using our 3d printers.

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