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Our primary objective for implementing a 1:1 program is to prepare students to enter a world that requires the effective integration of technology into daily life. The most important component of this goal is promoting a 21st century learning environment where technology is utilized to enhance the curriculum and maximize learning. Ultimately, it is our sincere desire to provide your child with the best educational experience possible, and we believe the implementation of a 1:1 iPad program will help reach this objective.

Why start in 4th grade?
Starting in 4th grade, students are given a Google Drive account to create and share documents. As a part of this, they will also receive an email address. Utilizing the iPad allows for easy and quick use of these tools for creating, communicating and sharing. 4th grade is also the time that students will begin more project based assignments, in which the iPad will be a necessary tool.

Why use the iPad? Aren’t there other devices that could be used by students in the classroom?
There are many devices that could be used in the classroom. Because there is no one perfect device, we have the responsibility to make judgments as we consider qualities such as cost, ease of use, flexibility, etc. That being said, the iPad, in our view, is the best technology tool for learning at this time.

Can students opt out of the iPad Program?
No, because the iPad will be the tool used to accomplish many tasks in class.

How will the iPads be utilized in school?
The iPads will be an integral part of the daily curriculum. Students will use the device to take and organize notes, conduct research, complete coursework and utilize specific applications to enhance learning. We will also be researching whether it makes sense to move textbooks over to this device. Our goal is that the iPad will be integrated in a manner that maximizes student engagement and positively transforms the learning environment.

Is the iPad provided by the school or is it student owned?
The iPads are provided by the school. A usage fee of $250 per year is charged to student accounts to cover costs of device, insurance, apps, bandwidth, management software, and support services. Your child will receive a new iPad that will serve for 4th and 5th grades, then that iPad will be replaced with a new iPad that will serve for 6th-8th grades. Students will turn in the iPad at the end of the 8th grade year or upon leaving the school.

What apps does my student need to have on their device, and who will provide the apps?
All school required apps will be managed by our school's Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.

Will the Internet be filtered for my student?
YES, whether your child's iPad is on or off campus, all web content is filtered and tracked.

Can my child print documents from their iPad?
The iPad is equipped with an AirPrint function that works with certain types of printers; however, the school will not be providing any air printing options on campus. A major benefit of a 1:1 iPad program is the ability to submit work electronically, which most teachers will require. If hard copies of assignments are requested, the student will need to print from home. With the cloud based storage systems, our students will be utilizing, including Google Drive, accessing and printing completed assignments from home should be easy.

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