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The Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) at Skycrest is offered to students in grades 4-8. The focus of the program is to provide high ability students with activities that stimulate interest in all subjects, and encourage them to become contributing members of society.

Student qualifications:

  1. National Stanine Scores of 8-9 in Reading Comprehension and Total Math
  2. A total score of 120 or higher on the most recent Terra Nova InView Test
  3. Teacher recommendation

Each week the students are pulled out of the regular classroom to participate in academic enrichment across a broad range of subjects. The students learn teamwork, build vocabulary, conduct experiments, participate in logical thinking activities and decipher word and picture puzzles.

Our 4th grade AEP works through a Word puzzle book, along with other mind games and thought provoking question and answer times. Our 5th grade AEP starts the year with some marble maze designs and runs, moving on next to a book study (The Twenty-one Balloons). In the Spring, they work on producing a sock puppet play. 

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