Technologically Savvy

If you've been doing your research on Skycrest Christian School, you've probably realized that ensuring that our students receive a well-balanced, Christ-centered education is our goal. From K4 through 8th grade, your child's emotional, spiritual, and academic success are our top priority. However, what you may not know is just how technologically savvy our school has become.

We have implemented a 1:1 iPad Program for grades 4-8 and classroom sets in grades K4-3. This allows iPads to be placed in the hands of every student. We believe this is highly important because we understand that children learn in different ways. Having access to this type of technology affords us the opportunity to blend modern learning styles with traditional teaching styles to cater to the four learning types: visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinetic.

While we recognize some parents may have reservations about their child becoming too distracted or even "addicted" to a technological device, we can assure you that our approach is different. In fact, we've noticed that students involved in our 1:1 Program have higher retention rates because they are actively engaged in their studies and become excited about what they learn in the process. There are so many reasons Skycrest could be the perfect fit for your family. And we believe our approach to learning is another one of those reasons. We'd love to talk to you more in depth about this program and also give you a tour of the school.