As we prepare to welcome back students on August 12, we have surrounded ourselves with experts and key stakeholders who are guiding the campus reopening. Their good work reminds us that reopening the campus is not an event but a process.

Skycrest Reopening Plan

Over the past 49 years, Skycrest Christian School has been a leader in Christian education. Now more than ever, Skycrest will continue to lead the way as we navigate through this current pandemic. Our COVID-19 task force has developed a comprehensive on-campus plan that will safely allow our community to continue as normally as possible. Part of the reason we have developed such a thorough plan is that our task force includes two highly-qualified physicians who have had a vested interest in Skycrest for the past several years. They have encouraged us to open and are 100% behind the procedural elements that have been adopted. In conjunction with an on-campus plan, we will offer a remote education option.

We will continue to monitor the situation and our responses to new information so that if modifications need to be made, we will not hesitate to do so for the health and safety of our Skycrest family. In the event of a state-wide shutdown, our team of faculty and staff will use the same remote education skills we perfected during the shutdown this past spring. 

Your role as stakeholders is paramount, and we need your involvement. The whole of our Skycrest community must take on the responsibility of keeping everyone safe. We are asking everyone (faculty, staff, and families) to avoid risky or unknown situations and to keep away from potentially dangerous environments, as well as staying home if anyone feels sick or has an elevated temperature. We must all own the health and safety of our campus. Without a doubt, we are confident that our parents and staff are always up to the challenge, and we are convinced that this will be a year of which we can be proud.

Academic Plan

On-Campus Instruction

We will offer in-person classroom instruction that will safely allow our community to continue as normally as possible. 

Remote Education

Remote Education Policies

If a family desires to remain enrolled at Skycrest but is unable to attend classes on campus due to health concerns, remote learning will be available. This mode of learning will be individualized for each student and for each grade level since the demands of elementary and middle school are varied. This type of remote learning will be based on live-class opportunities (via iPad, computer, etc.), thus joining the other students who are in the on-campus class.  All students will receive the same content at the same time. While we strongly prefer to have our students on campus, we understand that each family will have different needs. Our goal is to eventually have all of our students regathered on campus.

    • Remote education overview:
        • Begins 2nd full week of school
        • Incrementally Integrated
        • Each student's participation will be assessed every nine weeks
        • Available beginning of each quarter
    • Parents will need to communicate with the administration in order to be considered for remote education by August 5.
    • Students who are approved for remote education will not be allowed to transfer back to on-campus learning until the 9 weeks are complete or approval is given by the administration.

Government-Mandated Distance Learning (if necessary)

In the event of a state-wide shutdown, our team of faculty and staff will use the same remote education skills we perfected during the shutdown this past spring.

COVID Campus Plan

Complete COVID Procedures

Our leadership team is working throughout the summer to formulate procedures that will not only secure the safety of our students but also give them an environment in which they can thrive, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Please know that our faculty and staff take this very seriously, and our number one priority is the health and welfare of our children. With that in mind, below you will find a sample of the plan we are putting together. This list is not exhaustive and can and will be modified as needed.

Hand stop sign clipart  In our efforts to minimize possible transmission, on-campus visitors will be limited to those who are critical to school operations. Parents will be encouraged to use the carline for student’s arrival and dismissal.
deepclean  The cleaning schedule for the school has been adapted to provide the cleanest environment possible/deep-cleaning will be performed each night.
oneway  Middle School stairwells will be one way during specific times of the day.
lunch  A second cafeteria space under the portico will be added ​to accommodate an empty seat between each student.
facemask Facemasks are not required as of this time, but students will be permitted to wear one if they choose to do so.
space  Some furniture will be moved out of the classrooms to create more space.
isolate  Students developing symptoms at school will be quarantined while waiting for parent retrieval.
livestream  Weekly chapels will be live-streamed into the classrooms.
clock copy  Classrooms will open at 8 a.m. to discourage student downtime in the hallways.
sanitizer  Hand sanitizer will be located throughout the campus, and students and staff will clean hands throughout the day.
distance  Proper social distancing will be encouraged in all elements of the school. 
car  Arrival and dismissals will be modified to maintain social distancing.
everyday  Additional signage will be in place promoting everyday protective measures.

This is a work in progress since we are in uncharted waters so to speak. But as we regularly meet with our COVID-19 taskforce, and as we consult with education officials from other schools and our accreditation agencies, we are confident that our plan will protect our children and staff as much as possible. We hope to send out a more detailed report in a few weeks, so be watching for that. In the interim, as always, if you have any questions, please let us know